Ideas for elderly activities – Arts & Crafts July 10, 2015

Elderly activities are the activities that involve fun and learning for the elderly people. There are various types of activities to keep these people engaged these include dementia activities, exercise activities, gardening activities, indoor and outdoor games, various types of entertainment and parties, eating and drinking activities, musical activities and reading and writing activities. Following are some of the very effective arts and crafts activities for elder people;

1.    The Eggshell Mosaic
The material required for this activity includes egg shells, card, pencil, glue, beakers of water, paint brush and colored food dye. Take some beaker of water and add the food dye in each of them. Now take the eggshells, clean them and break them into small pieces. Add these shells to the colored water and let them soak in the food dye. After a while take them out and let them dry, they will look like small pieces of tiles. Now make a drawing on the card and stick the eggshell pieces by staying on the outlines of the drawing. This should be done in portions and will create a beautiful mosaic picture in the end.

2.    The Big Knit
This activity is a part of a charity event in Northern Ireland which involves knitting small hats for smoothies. In that charity event they also pay to the participants for each hat knitted. The material required is wool, knitting needles of size 4, scissors and wool needles. The participants are directed to cast on 28 stitches and do 2 rows of plain knit. Then in 12 rows (knit one row and pearl one row) cast every second stitch and sew it all up.

3.    Greeting Cards Making
This is probably the simplest and the most common arts and crafts activity. The items required for this activity involve envelopes and cards, scissors, glue, sponge, ribbon and other crafting material and tools as per requirement. There is no procedure to follow here, each participant is provided with all the equipment and let them play with their imaginations. However, you can provide them with a theme such as a birthday or a wedding theme etc.

4.    Flower arranging
This activity can really make the participant very happy. They can create floral arrangement for dining tables, entrances, party arrangements and decorations etc. The use of tiny bulbs can also be done. The materials required for this activity are flowers, vase, tape, wires or other flower arrangement tools etc. In the beginning leaves are used to create some design or structure and then start with the larger flowers and don’t use even numbers of flowers as this might become difficult for arrangement then add some grass for finishing.

5.    Drawing Games
The simplest and most common drawing game is to write down different words on small pieces of paper and then a participant picks out one piece and has to draw a picture resembling the word. The other participants have to guess the word from the drawn picture.  This activity can be varied into some other drawing game activities as well.

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Tips On Starting A Home Based Arts And Crafts Business June 11, 2015


Do you want to turn your hobby into a business? Are you good at arts and crafts? Instead of knitting sock for your little ones and making baking baskets for your family and friends, think about turning your passion into money making endeavor. But remember once you venture into a business it is important to put your skills to work keeping the customer in mind. There is a lot of difference between crafting for friends and taking it up as a business option. If you want to make money out of your hobby, then it is time to be serious. First set your goals. For a business startup, there is no need for a degree in Business Management but it is necessary to read what business is all about or take up a seminar on business startup.


Before starting arts and crafts business, it is important to consider the craft skills you have on hand. Also, consider if you have the management skills to start a business. Once you are clear of you skills and capabilities, it is time to check out the space. Even though you want to run a home based business, it is essential to have a workshop, display room and office space. Analyze on the space requirement, furniture and equipment. You could use the garage or even convert your patio or backyard into your workshop. Operating a business from home also requires you to abide by certain laws and regulations. These regulations vary from country to country and state to state. Check out zone regulations and how to apply for a business license and permit.

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Research Before Starting A Home Based Arts And Crafts Business April 1, 2015


You can be a skilled artisan and craftsperson. Your family and friends may go gaga over your creations. They may be willing to pay more than you can ever imagine for your hobby. You may win accolades for your work from near and dear; all this alone should not be instrumental in driving you to start a home based arts and crafts business. Before venturing into this, it is important to consider if there is a market for your creations. An extensive market analysis is essential to know the demand for your products. Let intuition not take over you. Craft fairs, trade publications, craft seminars and internet are all the places to learn about the market for your product. This will help you know how much of competition you have to face and how different you can be from the rivals to push you up the success ladder.

ChristmasThe success of your arts and crafts business lies in creating products that cannot be replicated easily and cannot be made by machine. It is also important to understand the world of internet. There are a lot of opportunities on the internet not just for research but marketing as well. Creating an arts and crafts website with an e-commerce facility can reach your products worldwide. You can also consider auction site to place your products on their display. Participating in crafts fairs, approaching crafts malls and even placing an advertisement in crafts magazine can help. Finding representation in galleries and retail marketplaces could prove beneficial in expanding your business horizon.

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