Publicity Tips To Turn Your Arts And Crafts Hobby Into A Business June 11, 2014

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Crafts businesses have contributed to the economy in many ways. The Craft & Hobby Association in a study conducted in 2010 reveals that around $15.4 billion is contributed to the US economy from the crafts business in a single year. Any business thrives on publicity. Start spreading the word about what you are doing on the TV, radio, on the internet and print media. One of the ways to meet potential customers is on Pinterest. Share photos of your arts and crafts on Pinterest, it can drive customers to your door. Discuss about the crafts ideas and potential problems related to your business and how you solve them. This also could turn into a PR exercise for your products.

Share your success stories on social media sites. People like reading about real stories on how a home based craft business made it big through a contest or using an app. Creating Google alerts is another great way of getting your business noticed. Creating alerts for scented candles, stained glass, etc. can help you connect with bloggers or journalists that write about your kind of craft. After reading the article, you can also pitch and idea using 5 part formula. Submitting photos and press releases of Submitting photos and press releases of your products to magazines that publicize new products could help reach to target audience. Search for TV programs or radio programs that are looking for arts and craftsperson to be their guest. This could be the right opportunity to appeal to an upscale audience. A guest blog post about the craft you do or your business success could pull customers.

Why Craft Hobby Is A Great Business Idea? June 8, 2014


If you are talented and skilled with a creative bent of mind, the arts and crafts could be the right business venture for you. Bid goodbye to your boring day job and start making money through your passion. Home based companies offer high returns with minimal investment. This makes it a viable business opportunity. This could be a great business option for homemakers, new moms, retired individuals, patients and those that are tired of their monotonous job. The major lure towards home based arts and crafts business is very less investment in terms of tools. Since you have all the tools on hand, there is not much of investment needed and skills are already available. With little marketing efforts, your customer base will improve to make regular profits.

There is nothing more satisfying that being your own boss. In your regular job, you follow an organizational structure, and you may not be at the helm of affairs. When being your own master, you can be in charge of business, and there will be no one to dictate terms to you. Moreover, a home based business does not require entrepreneurial skills. Even if you have zero experience in business management, you can still run a business. There are self help books available that can guide you in honing your business management skills. For many a home based arts and crafts businesses is a secondary source of income. But if you do it with dedication and commitment it can turn out to be your primary source of income very soon.