How Inexperienced Crafter Can Start A Business? November 17, 2014


Those who want to be self employed in a craft business there are many roads to take. The crafts business is unorganized therefore thinking of a way to look at it in a different way can help. The first and foremost step towards starting a craft business is to decide on which type of craft to choose. There are various types of crafts paper work, decorative, fashion, functional and textile. If you have any knowledge in any of the above it would be beneficial for your business, else consider training. For the first timers, it is advised to opt for one type of craft instead of doing multiple craft items. This could only lead to lack of focus.

Paper crafts are the most basic and the most creative. Children during their early stages are introduced to this form of craft. Design greeting cards, papier-mache, papermaking, calligraphy are some of the craft ideas. Decorative crafts include metalwork, stained glass, furniture making, surface design on walls, basketry, stenciling, spongeware, basketry and gliding. Furniture is made in combination with wood and metal. Functional crafts are decorative items that can be functional as well. For instance eating or serving out of decorative pottery items. Ornately designed furniture is another example, where furniture is functional as well as decorative.

Fashion crafts are anything that deals with the looks, for instance, leather work, jewelry and garments. This craft is again a combination of other type of crafts. For instance, garments cannot be done without textile and jewelry is part of metal work. Textile craft deals with fabric and yarn, knitting, weaving, dyeing, appliqué and quilting falls in this category. These are mostly fashion oriented or decorative in nature. Irrespective of what type of crafts you show what matters is how you present and market it. Keep abreast with the latest happening in the arts and craft industry through continuous learning and training.